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Guidelines for Reporting Rarities and Submission of Annual Records
Detailed records of nationally or locally rare species (guidance on these is here) should be sent to the County Recorder Eddie Hunter (goweros23@gmail.com) as soon as possible after the sighting. An appropriate description should be provided of the species, your previous experience of it (and similar species), the circumstances and weather conditions in which the sighting occurred and any other pertinent information (such as photos). He will then circulate to the local or national records committee as relevant.

Day to day observations, including of nest sites, flocks of birds and species of local interest, should be collated in the Annual Record Form and sent to Eddie as an email attachment following each calendar year. Receiving these by the end of January is ideal as an early start can then be made on compiling the annual report.


Please could we ask that detailed locational information that may lead to the disturbance of the nest sites of species listed under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) is omitted from any posts. This may otherwise lead to an offence being committed.

Schedule 1 species that regularly breed in the recording area are Dartford warbler, chough, honey buzzard, crossbill, goshawk, kingfisher, hobby, red kite, barn owl, peregrine, little ringed plover and Cetti’s warbler.

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Jeremy Douglas-Jones
10 May 2024 08:44

Clyne Gardens this morning: a family of two adults and one juvenile Dipper.

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Alun John
10 May 2024 07:33

Pant Y Sais Fen:
2 cuckoos viewed from the road of Jersey Marine Village yesterday . Best views I’ve ever had ..

Clive powell
10 May 2024 10:42
Reply to  Alun John

Brilliant. I was lucky enough to get some photos of one a few days back there.👍

Terry Tovey
Terry Tovey
7 May 2024 21:44

7th May Brunel docks in the reed bed dock singing sedge warbler, a pair of little grebes, coot on nest mallard and moorhen .A pair of oyster catchers again attempting to breed locally,other birds seen or heard blackbirds,song thrush,linnet house sparrows,robin,heron lesser b b gulls,herring gulls wood pigeons,collard dove ,carrion crow jackdaw,swallow,and dunnock.

4 May 2024 21:03

4h April Whiteford Point: 155 whimbrel, 11 cormorants, 4 bar-tailed godwit, 1 female peregrine, 3 knot, 2 curlew, 33dunlin,15 ringed plover, 280 oystercatcher, 33 shelduck, 2 great crested grebes,1 common redpol[ nr forestry entrance, siskin further along drive. Apparently ring-ousel here this morning and osprey near breach in old seawall, but not seen personally. Cuckoo calling from Betty Wood, 3 wheatear on hide roof at Berges island. 1 swallow. Lots of warblers in song (chiffchaff, willow, reed and sedge, blackcap and common whitethroat. What a difference a little bit of sun makes!

5 May 2024 10:26

sorry, lesser redpoll not common redpoll. PG

Owain Gabb
4 May 2024 20:53

Oxwich Marsh: lingering snipe, flyover lesser redpoll and some displaying gadwall. Mute swan nesting. Quiet

Phil Vines
4 May 2024 19:12

Spotted a Golden Pheasant. There was a male and female but only managed to photograph the male.

Paul Biggs
4 May 2024 22:56
Reply to  Phil Vines

Where was this plz

Phil Vines
5 May 2024 12:00
Reply to  Phil Vines

Paul this was also on the grass outside the shop in Oxwich.

Daron Herbert
4 May 2024 16:53

Pant y Sais this morning – three Cuckoo (possible four), one Grasshopper Warbler and lots of Cetti’s and Reed Warbler singing. Photo of Cuckoo has what I believe to be a Hawkmoth caterpillar in it’s beak.

Paul Biggs
2 May 2024 16:22

Golden Pheasant seen on 1 May 2024 at Oxwich alongside the The Dunes Gift Shop & Eatery Car Park in the overgrown area by a stream

Owain Gabb
2 May 2024 07:53

The events page has been updated. See: https://www.gowerbirds.org.uk/events/

The Bromlows
1 May 2024 12:18

3 curlew/whimbrel at Oystermouth on the water’s edge the other day – today one hopping about on the new concrete close to the promenade

Jeremy Douglas-Jones
1 May 2024 21:47
Reply to  The Bromlows

Ed Hunter confirmed these areWhimbrel.

Jeremy Douglas-Jones
29 April 2024 09:31

A small raft of 7 Brent Geese off Knab Rock, Mumbles this morning.

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Roy Harris
27 April 2024 22:33

Yesterday evening I reported seeing 13 curlew, but 2 were large but there was a group of 5 + 4 coming in with the tide. When the group of 9 settled over on the far bank at the tides edge, they were smaller in comparison to the 2 larger curlew in flight earlier. Could they have been Whimbrel, because the beak although curved downwards was not long. Also in with the group of 9 there were 2 small shorebirds flying in with them. I could not see distinctly due to diminishing light and distance, however when they opened their wings… Read more »

Owain Gabb
1 May 2024 19:46
Reply to  Roy Harris

Very likely whimbrel Roy. There are a lot moving through on spring passage at the moment. There are a good number of candidates for your smaller waders, so harder to give an answer on that one.

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Owain Gabb
7 February 2024 08:50

Dear All We are now in the breeding season. For Schedule 1 species at risk of disturbance at the nest, we need to ensure that any sightings do not provide information that may lead to their disturbance. This includes cliff-nesting species such as Dartford warbler and chough which have been targeted by photographers (some of whom have used tape lures) in recent years, and species expanding their range / becoming locally commoner in some parts of the recording area such as red kite and goshawk. Please be aware of this in your posting. A list of Schedule 1 species that… Read more »

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