Common Swift on the Gower cliffs by Philip Croft



Purpose of the Project

Common Swift Apus apus is now on the UK and Welsh Birds of Conservation Concern red list. This is due to a severe population decline of 58% between 1995 and 2018. Gower Ornithological Society and Swansea Council recognise that conservation action is needed to address the decline in swift numbers, and are looking for support from local people to help conserve swifts in Swansea and Gower firstly. We plan to expand into Neath Port Talbot as resources allow. Initial objectives of the project are:

  • To raise awareness of swifts in our recording area
  • To add to the limited data currently available on where swifts breed in our recording area
  • To increase breeding opportunities for birds through the installation of nest boxes on a variety of privately and publicly owned buildings

We intend to achieve the above through survey, training, active recording, grass roots installation of boxes, and talking to public bodies, private companies and environmental groups. In order to maximise the effectiveness of what we do we need your input. Swift Conservation, Action for Swifts and RSPB have suggested we need 5000 nesting opportunities for a long term functional swift population in Swansea. This will take a lot of work, but would be a fantastic achievement.

2022 Summary

A summary of the results of swift surveys in the Swansea area in 2022 is HERE (PDF)

2023 Summary

A summary of the results of swift surveys in the Swansea area in 2023 is HERE (PDF)

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Minutes from the first Saving Swansea’s Swift meeting (PDF)

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