Oxwich Marsh 22 September

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A good morning at Oxwich Marsh with 81 birds of 12 species caught in overcast, calm conditions.  In addition to resident species, reed warbler (5), chiffchaff (15), grasshopper warbler (1), blackcap (4) whitethroat (2) and swallow (23) were captured.  One of the whitethroats (below), was an adult, and showed an attractive hazel-coloured iris as well as white outer tail feathers (and other features indicating its age).  Both whitethroats were carrying significant fat (scores of 5 and 6 respectively with regard to the BWG system), as were a number of blackcaps and the grasshopper warbler (a young bird with a fat score of 6).

The migrant reed bed warblers seem to be on the wane, and there were no sedge warbler seen, heard or captured this morning.  Chiffchaff, in contrast, were relatively abundant in the scrub, but willow warbler were similarly noticeable by their absence, with a single bird heard calling during the morning. 

Swallows were captured over the main channel running through the site, over which a ‘ladder’ bridge has been laid.  All bar one was a juvenile.  Pictures are below:

Thanks to Charlie Sargent and Aaron Davies for an enjoyable session this morning.

Owain Gabb


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