CES 6 at WWT Llanelli

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Heather and I did CES 6 together today. CES1 to 5 have not been brilliant in terms of numbers but we have had some quality birds. Today was not an exception. 20 birds in total, 3 new and 1 retrap Blackcap, 3 new Robin, 3 New Wrens, 3 new and 1 retrap Blackbird, 1 new Song Thrush, 2 Dunnock, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 new Cettis Warbler a 4M with CP and a 3J and finally 1 new Jay 4F with BP4.

This picture is the Juvenile Cettis Warbler. A handsome bird with a pale and narrow supercillium. It is a skulking bird often heard before seen. One of its distinguishing feature is its 10 tails feathers instead of the usual 12. You can also see in the picture the yellow in the corner of its beak which is a clear indication of the birds age.

A couple of pictures of the Jay. A very strong bird and when in the hand care must be taken to avoid its strong claws and its beak, otherwise, be sure it will draw blood.

The Constant Effort Sites (CES) scheme is the first national standardised ringing programme within the BTO Ringing Scheme and has been running since 1983.  Ringers operate the same nets in the same locations over the same time period at regular intervals through the breeding season at 120 sites throughout Britain and Ireland.
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