CES4 at WWT Llanelli

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Yesterday the weather was unexpectedly better than anticipated.  We had the odd gust of wind and it remained overcast for most of the morning. We had 39 birds in all, the best catch this year, made up mainly of juvenile birds.  It was a good day.

In our part of Wales the numbers of Bullfinch seem to be on the increase. Males and females flying together are becoming a regular sight. This female was our second Bullfinch this year.

Looking at the migrants we caught 4 Blackcaps and a Chiffchaff, the biggest number this year in one session. The Blackcaps were all Juveniles so it was nice that they seem to be breeding locally.

When we caught this Blackcap our initial thought was it might have been an adult but quickly realised it was indeed another Juvenile that had not finished growing primary 2.

On CES3 we had a number of Long Tailed Tits and today there were still a few new birds around in smaller numbers.

The Common Toad. In February after hibernation they make their hazardous journey to their breeding ponds. They tend to be site faithful. They cross roads and their defence mechanism against predators is to secrete a bad tasting fluid that most of their them do not like, Grass Snakes and Hedgehogs seem to be able to cope with it.

CES4 last year produced 14 birds, we had this time 39 birds and each of the four CES sessions this year have produced better results than last year. We are beginning to feel confident that all the Winter tree management undertaken by WWT Llanelli is starting to pay dividends. We don’t want to appear too confident in case the results go pear shaped but they are encouraging.

                                 CES 2014                                            CES 2013

Results                      New Birds          Juveniles                  New Birds           Juveniles
Dunnock                          4                         3
Long Tailed Tit                                           4                                                         3
Blue Tit                            3                         5                              
Great Tit                          2                         6
Treecreeper                                                1
Robin                                                          2                              1
Chiffchaff                         1                                                         4                        1                  
Blackbird                                                     3                              2
Blackcap                                                     4
Bullfinch                          1                                                          1
Wren                                                                                           1

Jay                                                                                              1

Totals                               11                       28                          10                        4

I accompanied Heather Coats for the ringing session.
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