CES2 at WWT Llanelli

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It was CES 2 yesterday and we usually compare the results from each CES with the corresponding one from the previous year. This naturally gives us a quick indication of what is happening or not happening as the case may be.

At the start of the CES at 6.00am yesterday there was some cloud, there was no wind and we had almost near perfect conditions. Unfortunately the sun got up, and all but 2 of our nets were in full sun. They became easily visible and catch rates plummeted. By the end of the session we caught 24 birds compaired with 19 birds in 2013.

2014          New               Retrap                    2013                    New                Retrap

Dunnock      2                        1                       Dunnock                                       2
Blackbird     1                        3                       Blackbird                                       3
Backcap       1                        1                       Blackcap                                       2
Wren            2                        3                       Wren                    4                       1
Bullfinch      1                                                 Bullfinch                3
Jay               2                        1                       Long Tailed Tit                              1
Gtreat Tit      3                                                Chiffchaff                                       2
Blur Tit         3                                                Goldfinch               1

Total             15                       9                                                    8                      11

It was a disappointment that we only had two migrants the male and female Blackcap, however last year in the same period we only had 2 migrants, two retrap Chiffchaff’s. We could hear and see a few Chiffchaff which stayed at the top of the trees, singing away. The numbers were an improvement on last year so this is two CES results where one way or another it has been a more productive day.

We all catch the odd Jay but yesterday we had 3 in the net and one of these was caught again later on.

It is not often you say the bird of the day was a Blackbird. The one above was a retrap and looking back in our records it was first ringed as a 5M on the 14/06/2006. It was therefore born in 2005 and this year it starts its 10th  year of life.
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