CES10 WWT Llanelli

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Heather and I once again did the CES at WWT Llanelli. It was a reasonably good day with a nice mixture of birds and the best session we have had for migrants. The session was hampered by a really heavy downpour albeit the weather forecast was only a 5% chance of rain.

The first bird of the day was a Willow Tit, a juvenile in pin. It is good to know that there is a good chance it bred locally. Certainly I could not remember us catching one here before. Heather checked IPMR and found the only previous Willow Tits caught were 3 juveniles in 2002 the first year of the CES. A good start.
During the morning the total of birds caught were 28, compared with CES 10 in 2013 when we had 15 birds.

The breakdown of birds caught today is as follows:

Species            New            Re-traps

Willow tit          1
Blackbird          3                     1
Chiffchaff         4                     3
Blackcap           2                     1
Wren                 2                     1  
Dunnock           2                     1
Robin                                       1
Treecreeper       1
Blue Tit             1
Great Tit            2
Bullfinch           1
Chaffinch          1

Totals                 20                   8

The Treecreeper was aged as 4F with a BP5, a nice bird to finish the day off.

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