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Guidelines for Reporting Rarities and Submission of Annual Records
Detailed records of nationally or locally rare species (guidance on these is here) should be sent to the County Recorder Eddie Hunter (goweros23@gmail.com) as soon as possible after the sighting. An appropriate description should be provided of the species, your previous experience of it (and similar species), the circumstances and weather conditions in which the sighting occurred and any other pertinent information (such as photos). He will then circulate to the local or national records committee as relevant.

Day to day observations, including of nest sites, flocks of birds and species of local interest, should be collated in the Annual Record Form and sent to Eddie as an email attachment following each calendar year. Receiving these by the end of January is ideal as an early start can then be made on compiling the annual report.


Please could we ask that detailed locational information that may lead to the disturbance of the nest sites of species listed under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) is omitted from any posts. This may otherwise lead to an offence being committed.

Schedule 1 species that regularly breed in the recording area are Dartford warbler, chough, honey buzzard, crossbill, goshawk, kingfisher, hobby, red kite, barn owl, peregrine, little ringed plover and Cettiā€™s warbler.

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Ed Hunter
18 November 2023 19:33

In Neath today : followed up the potential Bewicks Swan on the river and found it apparently paired to a Mute. Its a interesting bird un-ringed and did rush to the water when stalking it down the bank but came then with the Mute as I pretended to throw food so clearly an escape . Its not fitting Bewicks or Whopper and my current thoughts are a Trumpeter Swan x Whooper Swan. I have put this on twitter and linking in the Hybrid account so we can see what they say if they respond. Smart looking bird and very cool… Read more »

Owain Gabb
18 November 2023 07:31

Unfortunately due to the forecast (high winds and rain) we have decided to postpone the visit to Crofty with Barry Stewart on Sunday.

Roy Harris
18 November 2023 04:06

Walking over the bridge at Neath this Friday 17/11/23, to go to Lidl and this bird caught my eye. It did not have the jizz of a Mute swan, it was the beak for me that I ticked it as a Bewick Swan. Apparently they arrived at Slimbridge that day. So this one might have strayed off coarse.

15 November 2023 10:28

Merlin mobbed and followed by a persistent crow high above Ravenhill through and onwards toward Cockett (From direction of Cadle 9.20am)

Jeremy Douglas-Jones
14 November 2023 11:02

Twenty plus Cormorants this morning from the Pier towards Mumbles. There must have been a glut of food today.

Owain Gabb
11 November 2023 16:22

Oxwich Marsh: 30+ snipe, 2 jack snipe, firecrest, chiffchaff, 20 long-tailed tit, red kite

Owain Gabb
9 November 2023 11:20

Port Talbot Dock (08/11) per Darryl Spittle: 2 common sandpiper, whimbrel, colour-ringed curlew, kestrel

6 November 2023 21:25

Kestrel picked off a vole at Llanrhydian marsh 4.30 pm just off the Marsh Road …
Ring tail Hen Harrier in the back ground further out in the Marsh at same time…

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Jeremy Douglas-Jones
6 November 2023 08:08

Female Sparrowhawk spooking a flock of pigeons over the pier this morning at 08.05

Owain Gabb
6 November 2023 07:40

Great to see our president, Bob Tallack, given the Welsh Ornithological Society lifetime achievement award yesterday. The award reflects his huge dedication and drive to collect high quality data on our bird populations for well over half a century. He was presented with the award by Iolo Williams at the WOS Conference in Aberystwyth.

ian tew
5 November 2023 15:51

3 cliffs valley this morning a handsome male goosander on the river.

Harry Mount
Harry Mount
5 November 2023 10:18

Single Greenshank hanging out with 11 Redshanks on rising tide at Oystermouth.

Owain Gabb
7 February 2024 08:50

Dear All We are now in the breeding season. For Schedule 1 species at risk of disturbance at the nest, we need to ensure that any sightings do not provide information that may lead to their disturbance. This includes cliff-nesting species such as Dartford warbler and chough which have been targeted by photographers (some of whom have used tape lures) in recent years, and species expanding their range / becoming locally commoner in some parts of the recording area such as red kite and goshawk. Please be aware of this in your posting. A list of Schedule 1 species that… Read more »

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